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Discount Ticket for Holidays!!!

We sell the special discount ticket for our membership players.

You can use this ticket all time in Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

This package is for 5 hours, so it is a very profitable ticket with a price of 1,000 THB per hour. Since it is usually 1400 THB, it will be 400 THB discount!
Let’s play futsal by using this ticket!!!

Content:1 hour × 5 tickets
Price:5,000THB(Inc VAT)
Selling Place:SOLTILO PARK BANGKOK Reception

・This ticket is for only Members.

・This ticket is valid for 3months from issued date.

・Cannot use this ticket for football school and event.

・Use 1 hour unit basis. Cannot use 30 min unit.

・Need member ID, number, signature and issued date, in case of blank, that ticket is invalid. Please check all tickets when buying.

If you have any questions, please ask our receptionists.

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